Best UV Resin For Polymer Clay 2022

So today we’re going to be talking about UV resin .It cures or hardens when put under a UV ultraviolet light .Which in my case is usually a lamp or you can use the Sun .There are tons of tutorials & different ways you can do UV resin for polymer clay earrings, molds, Jewelry, pendants, flowers & DIY crafts. So this post will show you the best UV resin for polymer clay crafts.

UV Resin Polymer clay

UV Resin vs. Epoxy Resin

Now UV resin is already mixed solution that you can use right out the bottles .So there’s no mixing involved .If you’re very aware of epoxy resin which is a two-part mixture meaning there’s a resin part and a mixture part which is called hardener. To make the resin harder or cure, you have to mix two liquids at once. UV resin, it come quickly out the bottle and you could use it as is .Actually cure this type of resin you have to use whether it’s called UV. that’s why it’s called UV or ultraviolet sunlight or some type of rays or light to help cure it.

UV Resin Is Great For Varnishing or Polishing Polymer Clay Creations

So because it comes as a liquid it is a very versatile medium. So you can add color you can add glitter you can use molds or bezels or lots of different ways to manipulate this medium. It also is great for varnishing or polishing polymer clay creations. If you use a brush with it and you can also use it to create little details on pieces such as like water droplets or things like that if you’re looking to make an environment where you want it to look like water that would also be a handy use for UV resin .

lot of artists were using the UV resin to kind of coat their polymer clay pieces. You can also use just a basic straw to kind of blow any bubbles out .This glue gives scratch resistant & yellowing resistance to the polymer clay crafts and gorgeous color.

Need To Handle With Care

So UV resin is not meant for children and it is something you need to handle with care. You should not use UV resin outside because it will cure once you expose it to UV rays. So when you’re working with UV resin make sure to work in a well-ventilated area. I also recommend wearing a respirator and then definitely wear some gloves.

Best UV Resin Glue For Polymer Clay Crafts

best UV resin for polymer clay 2022


UV Resin Color: Transparent

Curing Time: 3-5 minutes if using UV torch or UV lamp

Direct sunlight (sunny day): 10-15 minutes

Quantity: 1 Bottle


This art resin instantly cure hard in minutes with UV light or sunlight.

Cures clear, glassy finish that provides yellowing resistance, scratch resistant & stain resistance

This UV Resin glue good for casting and coating applications like jewelry making, resin paintings and other DIY crafts etc.

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